NFL Divisional Championship Picks

Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots

I’m an even 4-4 for my playoff picks, but that hardly matters now that my precious Packers are out. Having said that, I think I’ve got the right picks this time around for sure. This one’s in Mass, and Tom Brady has been playing better than he has in his entire career. So that’s pretty damn good to say the least. The Ravens have a pretty explosive defense, however, and the Patriots…well….don’t. Still, Flacco is a hot-cold QB, and New England will ultimately win this one.

New York Giants vs. San Francisco 49ers

This one should be fun to watch, and currently it’s impossible to predict. Eli Manning has been going strong, and the Giants defense is on a roll after stomping my Packers at home. The 49ers are formidable on both sides of the ball, especially their D, and they have home-field advantage, which is a big deal to me….but I’m gonna go with the Giants this time, strictly because they handily beat a better team last week, whereas San Francisco barely pulled it off against the excellent Saints.

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  • Reid Says:

    I always enjoy reading your picks, however my friend its going to be the Harbaugh Bowl this year! Niners take the trophy. Our boy Mike Crabtree Superbowl MVP. How you like me now?

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