Currently Digging: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

The self-titled debut from Unknown Mortal Orchestra (album art above) is a lo-fi psychedelic pop adventure from start to finish, and it’s easily one of the finest surprises of the year. New Zealand-born Ruban Nielson acts as a clever liaison between Ariel Pink tape-hiss, Zappa eccentricities, Tame Impala space-outs, and the ever-popular indie dance vibe akin to first-album MGMT.

This is a smooth transition to autumn – a soundtrack upbeat enough to get that final dance in before the temp drops and the relaxed atmosphere returns. The Portland band utilizes the sample-based trend and electronic percussion, incorporates the recently hyped garage sound, and taps into some genuine stoner haze. Living in Austin, and hearing constantly how similar the two towns are, I can imagine an ATX band churning out something similar. It’s perfect for the environment of a hipster haven – a society encouraging creation, diversity, and sheer weirdness. So if you don’t dig Unknown Mortal Orchestra, never fear; there’s probably room for you in Dallas.

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