LegitMix.Com – Taking Sample Clearance a Step Further

Legitmix Empowers Artists from Legitmix on Vimeo.

I know I’ve been posting a lot recently about new developments in the Internet music world, whether it be the social networking/competitive music discovery tool Turntable.FM or the now-domestic Spotify.Com. My newest discovery isn’t necessarily for the average music consumer, but it certainly will have an audience, and on the business side, an impact.

The above video pretty much sums up what LegitMix.Com is all about – giving credit and compensation where it’s due, and without all the hassle and time constraints of getting samples cleared.  And anyone can participate, and it’s all legal.

To help promote the new site, still in beta testing, LegitMix has teamed up with the one and only Diplo, who has provided a mix for sale – Mad Legit.  You pay a small price for the mix itself, plus the price for the copyrighted samples it contains, which are included….and because you paid for them, you are free to do whatever you want with them – remix, mashup, etc.  Everyone on all ends earn their share, including bloggers when they promote the mixes (which I particularly like, obviously.)

I’ve been very excited to see all the new technology being developed to help progress the music business into a more practical 21st century model, increasing the ease of use for consumers and the ease of production and compensation for those behind the scenes, especially the artists, DJs, and producers.  Though I may not necessarily have much use personally for LegitMix.Com currently, I might one day, and I certainly support new ideas in this ever-changing world of music commerce.

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