Weird Al Chats to AV Club About His Back Catalog/New Album

Though not necessarily a fan, I’ve long been a supporter of Weird Al Yankovic, the household name amongst satirical and parodic songwriting.  The dude’s been cranking out funny hits since the early ’80’s, and, being a longtime lover of Dr. Demento, I’ve adored and admired Al from afar for most of my life.  The man puts on an unsurprisingly entertaining live show, as well as some pretty decent original material alongside his trademark parodies of hit songs.  It’s safe to say Yankovic has transformed from quirky pop culture footnote to a comedic legend over time – now, like being poked fun at by South Park and SNL, it’s considered an honor to be lampooned by Weird Al.  That means you’ve made it to the top!

This week, Al sat down with AV Club and went through an array of new and old material in celebration and promotion of his latest creation, Alpocalypse.  He talks about some of the well-known classics, some forgotten gems, and even some astonishingly catchy original songs. Read it here.

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