Currently Digging: Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

How kickass is this new album? Dave Grohl and his motley crew have launched a loud, raucous comeback, with more energy and spirit than anything they’ve done in the past decade. Wasting Light hearkens back to the Foo’s glory days, with the post-grunge, melodic spirit of the late 90’s reigning supreme. This is the group’s sharpest work since the band’s first two records, the self-titled debut and the sophomore breakout The Colour and the Shape. At times it’s a Queens of the Stone Age-lite affair, not that there’s anything wrong with that; it’s about time Grohl let his Probot side show a little more in his paycheck band. Still, Foo is Foo, and the strong songwriting and all-out rock is in full force here. Without a doubt, 2011 is the year we take a step back from all the chamber pop, sappy electro schtick, egomaniacal overrated rappers, and drunk slut harlots and wonder, “Where did all the rock stars go?” There are few left in this day and age, but if Wasting Light is any indication, they’re still giving it all they’ve got.

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