Rocking Retro: Kool and the Gang

I grew up shaking my booty to “Celebration,” but thanks to my boys in Girls We Never Slept With, a resurgence of this 70’s funk powerhouse has made its way back into my life.

Kool and the Gang have sold over 70 million records worldwide, but that should come as no surprise after hearing pop-funk jams like “Hollywood Swinging” and “Ladies Night.”  But their breakthrough hit is one that was somewhat forgotten until 1995.  That was the year that Quentin Tarantino put the song in question, “Jungle Boogie,” in his seminal flick Pulp Fiction.  Listen to that song, and then listen to their biggest hit, the aforementioned “Celebration.”  We can clearly hear Kool and the Gang’s transformation from the early 70’s straight-funk sound to a more disco-based sound, the latter of which the group is best known for.

However, whether you like your Kool and the Gang raw and dirty, or if you prefer their polished later work, one thing is clear and consistent throughout – they bring the funk.

A sampling of funky fresh joints after the jump, y’all.

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