Recommended Reading: AV Club’s THEN That’s What They Called Music

Quick post before going out tonight, last week’s overnight trip home messed up my blog-writing schedule, trying to keep this thing updated as much as possible.

A new feature on the AV Club’s site delves deep into the riches (and utter garbage) that is the compilation series NOW! That’s What I Call Music.

Check out the first post, which describes in detail (on a track-by-track analysis) of the first bestselling album in the series, probably the most pop-sporadic of any of the albums – it covered a larger time period of hits than the albums that were to follow.  I mean, where else are you going to find an album that features songs from Radiohead, Backstreet Boys, and Aqua on the same disc?

After that little read (and additional YouTube nostalgia trip) how could you not want to come back for more?  I know I’ll return – this is some fine, funny writing about one of my favorite things to read and write about – the pop of the past.,38249/

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